Come in to our shop to get measured by one of our formalwear specialists. If you live out of town or are unable to come in to our shop, please get measured at a tuxedo shop near you. Here are the measurements we will need. 

2. Sleeve Length
With arms out slightly to the side, Measure from nape of neck ( center bone), over the high point of the shoulder, down the arm to 1" below the small of wrist
1. Neck


Gently wrap the measuring tape around their neck leaving room for 2 fingers between the neck and collar.

3. Chest
Wrap the tape around their chest snugly, but not tight. Add 2" to the number to estimate the coat size.
4. Over-Arm
Wrap the tape around their chest over their biceps, snugly but not tight.
5. Waist
Wrap the tape around their waist snugly at navel height (formal trousers are worn slightly higher than normal slacks.)
5. Waist
With the trouser at navel height, measure from the top of the waist-band down the outside of the leg to the trouser length desired.
6. Height


**If possible please have your measurements taken by a professional tailor, men's clothing store, or a formalwear specialist. Most stores will perform this service at no charge.

7. Weight
Call in your measurements


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